Pumping and Dewatering

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AN-JET's liquid-liquid or air-liquid venturi pump systems start as superior designs, created from fundamental mathematical models, manufactured to the highest standards, proven by rigorous testing and trials, then we finally field test each one to ensure a wide range of operational performance - just what you would expect a market leader to do.


When Pumping or Dewatering is the call, nothing is better suited at doing those tough jobs than an AN-JET Liquid-Liquid Pump. Most centrifugal pumps deliver high pressure along with flow volume. This is great when pressure is required, but these pumps run out of steam once the liquid levels gets below their intake, or when sand, gravel or rocks are encountered. Getting the last drop requires continuous vacuum. AN-JET Pumps make their own vacuum and will run dry.

Below is a good example of where a diesel centrifugal pump performance can be enhanced by a factor of 1.5, if not more when using an AN-JET Liquid-Liquid Pump. Our Pump working in tangent with a trash pump could speed up this dewatering salvage application by as much as 50%. We offer sizes and systems to fit most applications, including this one.

Specifically in the case shown above, the Tug would simply pass the barge salvage crew a 2" pressure hose, a 4" discharge hose, a 4" suction hose and strainer and the 55 pound AN-JET 4" Liquid-Liquid Pump (Model# AJ-50MP-40MP-SS). Once the hold is accessed, the pumping may begin literally within a minute or so and continue at a rate up to some 700 GPM for as long as needed.

Our new portable "Deck Tray" (Model# AJ-DT-40-00) below makes this job a whole lot easier as it secures the pump for easy handling, risk of loss and deck stability. Equipment stays where it needs to be and can even be tied off in rough seas. The AN-JET Deck Tray (Model #AJ-DT-40-00) makes transferring the jet system a whole lot easier. Normally the couplings are already on the jet during transport.

We call it "Innovation that matters."


House and business flooding is a real mess. Here's an application where AN-JET's Innovative (Air-Liquid) "JETWAND" can make this wet cleanup job "a whole lot easier." Constructed of HD aluminum and stainless steel, the AN-JET JETWAND will operate down to the last drop. You can't do that without bulky equipment. Sometimes just getting to the location requires speed and simplicity such as equipment rooms and basements, etc.

AN-JET's new "JETWAND" tool puts operators in charge of cleaning up liquids. This great air driven tool improves safety and comes with a foot strainer to get the last drop. Roofers, Utility Companies and Restoration Specialists find this tool very handy and due to their locations, demand simplicity. JETWAND functions "where the rubber meets the road" and enables faster follow-on work saving you labor time and money. If you've got air, (even a smaller 4CFM compressor) this great tool can deliver what's needed without clogging or failing on the job. We offer JETWAND in both stainless or rugged marine grade aluminum.

We even have a small handheld model for super tight spaces.

Hose models are available like the unique "SIDEWINDER" Model shown above to reach those hard to reach areas like pipe centers, sumps and pits.


We recognize most line repairs require a near dry state in the dug hole and in the serviced pipe/ The ability to pass slurries and small solids through our pump is a major reason to include AN-JET Pumps as part of your utility repair arsenal.

As the above picture shows, this essential but dirty job could be a lot cleaner and easier if the water, sludge and mud was out of the pipe AND out of the ditch. An AN-JET Pump will suck up and discharge that liquified sludge material. Transporting small bio-solids, sand and small minerals "up to filter and pump throat size" are no problem.

We recommend the Utility Service Contractor purchase our new 2" Air-Liquid Pump for each Field Service Truck. We can even match up to your existing suction and discharge hoses saving you money.

Let's make this amazing pump solution even better. It's time to consider having us incorporate an integral "Backwash Valve" to make purging the jet pump inlet easy on demand. This full-flow ball valve allows an operator to purge the Jet without shutting down the onsite prime motive compressor, or skipping a beat doing their job. If you add an "air-motive feed rate ball valve" you've got one heck of a dewatering system. Using a simple inlet screen for trash over 3/4", be it sand, sludge, water, liquified sewage - our pump system, just does not care. It simply works - and works well.

Cut your work time down, improve your conditions, reduce costs, improve safety and make more profit.

These important criteria are where AN-JET shines.

AN-JET's New 2" All Stainless Steel Jet Pump, Model #AJ-20FP-20FP-SS shown above, is an air-liquid jet pump designed for removing water, liquids and slurries with remarkable speed and ease of use.

In field configuration - end fittings, suction hose whip and control valve installed:

  • Just connect the Jet to your jobsite air supply,

  • Connect your 2" discharge hose and get to work.

  • That's it.

  • How fast is that?

Best of All:

Since this remarkable jet pump never loses suction, it will remove all liquids and dry up the pit or the pipe being worked on right down to the last drop.

No other centrifugal trash pump can do that...NONE.


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Quality Jet Pumps are economical and they don't eat much...ever.

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