Serious Applications Need a Serious Device - AN-JET

Not every application is listed below and we are adding new applications every month. We have experience in these fields and can supply the right solutions for your specific needs.

  • Water/Sewer Line Service Companies who repair underground concrete, clay and iron pipes often need all liquids removed and pits dry.

  • Roofers who de-water roofs in preparation for re-taring, repairing, or renewal.

  • Plumbing Companies who remove water and/or sewage from a pipe or work site.

  • Barge and Ship Service Companies that drain and strip tanks, empty flooded voids, de-watering, decanting, sludge removal, sand cleanout, tank cleanouts and as an effective portable emergency damage control pump.

  • Damage Remediation Companies who respond to floods, broken pipes, or discharged sprinkler systems.

  • Oil Spill Responders who need a HD crude and light oil pick-up tool for ocean, lakes or onshore…sand, small vegetation and all.

  • Tank or Pool Cleaning Companies who need to evacuate large storage tanks, process tanks and pools down to near the last drop.

  • Oil and Gas Operators for chemical and water injection, boost applications, spill remediation, slurry mixing, or simply to move gases or fluids downline.

  • HAZMAT, Firefighters and Forestry who dewater a location, vessel or pipe during an emergency entry, firefighting operations or to apply foam retardants under line pressure.

  • Deep Well Owners or Operators who want a reliable, cost efficient downhole pump that requires almost no service.

  • Coastal, Rivers, or Deep Ocean Underwater Mining Operators always move material.

  • Sump Service Operators who are tasked to remove sand, cooking oils, light grease and other troublesome sump materials.

  • Process Companies looking for spot or continuous injection blending of solutions, acidifying, causticizing of oils, pumping dry or wet plastics, chemicals or food products downline.

  • Electrical Utility Companies who dewater a conduit, pipe or location for care and safety.

  • Bulk Product Producers that transfer dry or wet products from one location to another using either plant air or feed liquid.

  • Navy, Coast Guard and Other Government Agencies who transfer fuels, remove liquids from a vessel or area…and want it dry to the last drop. Navy Salvage and dewatering are both critical applications.

  • Dredge and Marine Operators who dewater tanks, hoppers, move sub-sea sand, coastal beach replenishment, and backfill marine pilings and bulkheads.

  • Archeologist needing to carefully remove dry sand, liquid or water from a site.

  • Pond, Aquatics and Fish Farmers to completely empty or fill a vessel or pond structure, or transport fingerlings with minimal loss of crop.

  • Cattleman looking to transfer water from source to point-of-use using low cost means.

Sub-Sea Gold Mining

Blue Green Algae Remediation

Shoreline Cleanup

Jet Testing

No matter your application. If you need to move liquids, liquids with suspended solids, minerals, or pelletized material, give us a call at 713-540-3080.