...oR DOWN IN A utility DITCH, OR SUMP

House floods are a real mess. Here's where AN-JET's (Air-Liquid) "JETWAND" can make this wet job a whole lot easier. Constructed of HD aluminum and stainless steel, the AN-JET JETWAND will operate down to the last drop. 

unique High Efficiency pumps that use no moving parts

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the above are just a few examples of what an AN-JET pump can do. 

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When Pumping or Dewatering is the call, nothing is better suited at doing those tough jobs than an AN-JET Liquid-Liquid Pump. Most centrifugal pumps deliver high pressure along with flow volume. This is great when pressure is required, but these pumps run out of steam once the liquid levels get low, or when gravel and rocks are encountered. Getting the last drop requires some vacuum. AN-JET Pumps make their own vacuum.

Below is a good example of where a diesel centrifugal pump can be enhanced by a factor of 1.5, if not more when using an AN-JET Liquid-Liquid Pump. Our Pump working in tangent with their pump could speed up this dewatering salvage application by as much as 33%. We offer sizes to fit most applications, including this one.  

Specifically in the case shown above, the Tug would simply pass the barge salvage crew a 2" pressure hose, a 4" discharge hose and one 55 pound AN-JET 4" Pump fitted with a 4" cam-lock strainer. Once the hold is accessed, the pumping begins in literially minutes and continues at a rate of some 700 GPM for as long as it is needed.

4" AN-JET PUMP with STAINLESS STEEL DECK TRAY making it convienient to carry and stable to operate.

This essential but dirty job could be a lot cleaner and easier if the water, sludge and mud was out of the hole.  An AN-JET Pump could discharge that sludge material - and small rocks up to pump throat size are no problem. The ability to pass solids through our pump is a major reason to include AN-JET Pumps as part of your utility repair arsonal.  We recomend a Utility Service Contractor should purchase a single 2" or 4" Pump since we can match up the existing suction and discharge hoses on the service truck. Better yet, an integral backwash valve can make the purging of the inlet easy without shutting down the on site prime motive trash pump or compressor.  

AN-JET's liquid-liquid or air-liquid venturi pump systems start as superior designs, created from fundamental mathematical models, manufactured to the highest standards, proven by rigorous testing and trials, then we finally field test each one to ensure a wide range of operational performance - just what you would expect a market leader to do.

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