AN-JET LLC is a fast growing Design, Engineering, Project Management and Technical Services Company located in Brookshire, Texas. 

We specialize in Product Development, Scientific and Technical Services for Government, Energy, Industrial and Marine sectors.  AN-JET is my 4th company started from the ground up. They all involved marine, metal based product production and highly technical products - including software development. 

AN-JET was created in 2016 to bring over 25 years of marine, offshore energy and scientific experience to bear on specific customer’s needs and requirements.  A particular area of interest we are building on is our unique scale-able pump technology that operates without moving parts. We quickly realized we could amplify this exciting technology into durable and performing “application-driven solutions” each designed for difficult situations, conditions and applications - including environmental. Our equipment is predominately semi-custom, expressly built for budget, purpose and application. Hello.  My name is Jim Rohr and I am the Founder and President of AN-JET LLC.  Welcome to AN-JET.

  • Scientific Research

  • Business and Operations Management

  • Marine Product Development

  • Marine and Coastal Operations

  • Commercial Work Boat Construction

  • Ship and Oil Rig Construction

  • Gas, Diesel and Turbine Engine Design and Application

  • High Performance Pumps, Piping and Equipment

  • Advanced Electronics and Software Development

  • Large Project Management

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Large Scale Site Operations

  • Environmental Response

  • Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics

  • Advanced Technologies

  • Other Maritime Interests

Past Performance

(Through AN-JET and Other Companies)

Corporate Data

AN-JET is a private company.  Our company business model is based on customer and project specific needs - as such, we choose to sub-contract with recognized scientists, technology leaders and other respected fabrication and service companies and key individuals that we know and trust will get the job done right, first time. In this way, we can keep our overhead low, your costs low and customer value high. 

Thank you for your time.  Please contact us if you are looking for a high value, cost effective solution.  AN-JET is ready to serve you and bring our very best to the table.

Mr. Jim Rohr


Designed over 100 commercial small-medium work boats and pleasure craft including vessels for:

  • Great Lakes Dredge and Dock

  • USCG-Strike Team, MRC and other Environmental Companies.

  • Dow Chemical and James River Paper Co., Bass Oil, Texas Mooring

  • Universal Studios Hollywood "Waterworld"

  • State of Alabama

  • City of San Francisco

Construction of mega-yachts, both domestically and internationally.

Software projects for BP, Anadarko, Chevron Mobile, ExxonMobile and others.

U.S. Patent 4913075: Pumpless Bilge Water Draining System.

Author of Three (3) Books on Business Plans, Software Development and Crisis Cash Flow Management.

Our team of skilled and educated associates bring a wealth of hands-on experience. We know how to execute your project cost effectively, offering customized solutions while meeting time sensitive conditions. We embrace advanced technology - and can assume direct oversight of Concept and Production Design, Purchasing, Fabrication, Testing and Operational Requirements.  

Key AN-JET Differentiators

Capabilities Statement

Core Competencies

  • Big picture strategic views

  • Innovation and “outside the box thinking” 

  • Speed from concept to completion

  • Deeply customer cost sensitive

  • Always looking for ways to improve customer value

  • Attention to quality

  • Effective execution

  • High Value-Add communicative partner

  • Team Player

Introduction to AN-JET LLC