Toxins are killing the ecosystem.  we know how to remediate them before and after their presence. 

NASA Photograph of Algae Problem

Note: Green areas are the extent of the algae problem in the United States.

Bottom Line...

We have the right system for you - whether you're a one man contractor, a global service provider or a government Agency. 

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cyanobacteria Algae

toxic to man - Toxic to fish

Don't just treat the Algae with chemicals or alum which is harmful to aquatic life and the eco system. The right solution is to stop the phosphorus inflow and remove the phosphorus ladened toxic algae from the water column.

How that is done is a proprietary science of AN-JET.  We've created a scaleable solution which works from the beach front all the way out to deep water. 

In fact, one AN-JET Deep Water Algae Remediation System can process and remove algae up to from the water at a rate of 100,000 GPH per hour. This scale is a quantum leap beyond other techologies based on skimming, or worse - choping the algae in a pump and returning it back to the water column dead, forming a carpet blanket of dead algae over the bottom. Nothing grows after that. Not oysters, seaweed, coral or mulisks.

AN-JETBenefits are many:

  1. High public visual demonstration of results - the visible algae is removed, along with the smell.
  2. Professional equipment "designed for purpose" that is easy to deploy and operate.
  3. Simple construction approach using durable components almost eliminates downtime.
  4. Low acquisition and operational cost - you can get started quickly.
  5. Significant reduction in the risk of regrowth when done right.
  6. Equipment meets or exceeds all regulatory safety guidelines.
  7. Start small and then grow your capability.
  8. Equipment leasing is available.

The Blue bordered blocks are where AN-JET can add significant value.

Our scientists and technology experts have created "big-scope solutions" for a world wide problem

A global Problem requires a global solution.  It starts with The  Right Stuff - on a scale large enough to handle trillions of gallons of algae ladened water.

Our approach is Simple:

  1. Dedicated solution for each typical remediation situation whether shore side or deep water.  
  2. Rapid and efficient removal.
  3. Low bacterial toxin creation.
  4. Equipment with modular functionality and construction (not dedicated vessel specific).
  5. Filtration, processing and disposal - all in an environmentally friendly way.
  6. Protection of existing marine life.

AN-JET designed the equipment and can provide the technical know-how to clean up this mess - Without harming the environment - or carpeting the bottom of this waterway with tons of chopped up Dead algae.  


AN-JET is your partner for both small and large scale technical Abatement. We know where we fit in as a team player and where we can add value in the big picture.  From scoping to final reports we do it.

Our new AN-JET exclusive H2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) delivery system is state of the art - and can treat many thousands of gallons of water per day safely and effectively.