AN-JET AJ-18 Electric Aeration Unit (Portable)     

AN-JET AJ-50 Electric Aeration Unit (Portable)

AN-JET AJ-100 Electric Aeration Unit (Wheeled Cart Configuration)

AN-JET AJ-400 Diesel Aeration Unit (Skid Configuration)

AN-JET AJ-1000 Diesel Aeration Unit (Skid Configuration)


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AN-JET Bubbler Aeration Units are designed to deliver high volumes of air (oxygen) into a fluid body - be it a tank, pond, lake, river, or in extreme cases - a coastal sound. The units increase dissolved oxygen content in the water and help with upflow circulation - essential to marine life and natural biological processes. Typical applications include algae prevention, fish farming, sewage treatment plants and helpful algae production. Units are available in both electric and diesel powered units. New models and configurations are being developed every month. 

Bubbler Models range from small portable units for the concerned homeowner, to high volume commercial units capable of delivering massive amounts of air and needed oxygen. Whether a tank, stationary body of water or a flowing river or stream - we have a model to suit almost any condition. We can even supply stationary aeration platforms and floating structures for large bodies of water. This is the latest solution we see as required to reduce toxic algae growth offshore - before they become the causation of massive fish kills.

Each of our units are designed for the rough coastal and water environment. They can range in size and air volume deliveries from small 2 CFM portable units to platform or barge mounted 1000 CFM diesel powered units driving banks of linear and array emitters. 

We understand how to get oxygen into a fluid. Our years of experience developing no-nonsense robust solutions means you are going to receive the right equipment, designed for purpose and executed to high quality. No one does aeration systems better than AN-JET. When you start with an innovative solid design and incorporate high quality components throughout, you end up with a functional solution: easy to operate, require low maintenance and can be easy on the pocket upfront and over the lifecycle of the product system.

Give AN-JET a call and let us know what problem you trying to solve. We likely have a solution on the shelf, or we can build one which suits your needs.  

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