Aeration Solutions - Gas Injection

Better Aeration

Higher Throughput Efficiency

Unrestricted Flow

Tank Circulation Potential

Better Mixing

Field Adjustable Orifice

Trouble and Maintenance Free

Basically, AN-JET Aeration Units are designed to leverage the critical properties of our unique axial eductor design but modified to be a full flow air-liquid device. Motive gas pressure and volume exiting a special orifice creates a negative pressure which draws in the primary fluid. The primary fluid becomes entrained in the motive flow, allowing for injection of the motive gas into the primary fluid. A high degree of mixing between the gas and fluid occurs prior to exit at sonic and sub-sonic velocities depending on pressure and volume.

AN-JET Aeration Units can operate at almost any line pressure up to the rated amount of 250 PSI.  The volume of gas flow will be dependent on the Unit size.


find out how our remarkable all stainless steel aeration units can help solve your fluid aeration problems.

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There are many possible user application configurations when applying the AN-JET Aeration Unit. It all depends on the end goal of the process, space and design limitations and the desired access to the unit. AN-JET's Aeration Units are almost completely trouble and maintenance free. They never require service unless they ingest foreign matter greater than their throat size can handle. Therefore, access becomes a user decision based on good shop practice and design policy. 

Below are some typical installation configurations worth considering:

  • In Tank (limited access)
  • Remote to Tank
  • In-line with Pipe
  • Ganged with AN-JET Liquid-Liquid Pump
  • Downstream of Conventional Liquid Circulation Pump
  • Prior to Free Fluid Discharge

How does The AN-JET Aeration Unit work?

 Aeration is a key process for many industries in the production and maintenance of chemicals, organics and inorganics.  Aeration involves the introduction of a gas (or gases) into a fluid stream or the entire fluid tank volume. These gasses can include: air, oxygen, chlorine, hydrogen or other gas.  

AN-JET Aeration Units are not “bubblers” – they are gas injectors which are far superior to bubblers at dispersing a desired gas into a liquid. All AN-JET devices by design "move fluid."  That should be kept in mind when sizing you’re an-JET Aeration Unit such as in a stand-alone configuration like the diagram below. We have sizes from 1" to 10" so the right product can be applied. 

AN-JET Aeration Tools are designed to do two functions well:

  • Inject a gas into a fluid
  • Mix (move) the fluid product in a pipe or tank

Because these two important functions are part of the AN-JET Aeration Unit, a significant cost savings to the Operator can be obtained. This cost saving stems from possible elimination of routine agitation of the base fluid by propeller, pump or mixer - and the maintenance and operational cost that go with it. This reduction of overall process complexity may result in a process cost savings of up to 20%. Final savings depends on the application and the net efficiency of the selected device - normally a function of the ratio of unit size to tank volume, fluid properties and net operating pressure.

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