Bottom Line - There’s many solid reasons to consider AN-JET

High Quality Options and Accessories

  • Suction and Discharge Hose Assemblies and Connectors

  • Well Point, Bottom Hole and General Purpose Inlet Strainers

  • Special Fabricate Inlet Collectors for Specific Materials (Stock and Custom)

  • Discharge and Inlet Couplings and Fittings (Pressure Rated)

  • Application Specific Trays, Skids and Hand Tools (More added continuously)

  • Bar Reinforced Pick-Ups (For severe solids and some bottom contact applications)

  • Laminar Inlets (For special tank mixing applications and some solids processing applications)

  • Vacuum Accessories (Upright rigid vacuum wand, portable deck unit, flexible unit)

  • Tank, Tote and Drum Adapters (Standard and Special Order)

  • Special Motive Force Connections (Special Order Only)

  • HP Jet Rings and Jet Cutters (Special Order Only)

  • Many Application Specific Tools (Ask For Information)

  • DNV, ABS, or GL Class Approval (Price Upon Request)

AN-JET Offers Distinct Advantages:

  • No Moving Parts: Nothing to service - nothing to repair under normal service.  

  • Long Life: Most AN-JET™ product is made from Solid Mill Certified Quality 316L Stainless Steel.  This helps AN-JET™ to be abrasion, chemical and wear resistant – a needed advantage in rough service conditions and demanding applications.  With proper application, your AN-JET™ should last years if not decades in normal service. 

  • A great choice to move heavier transport media:  Because AN-JET™ is an annular jet design, it allows for full flow through the device from inlet to outlet without restriction. Suction gas, small solids or fluids flow easily from inlet to outlet - boosted by the motive medium like gas, air, or liquid. This is important in applications where access (or placement) requires a device which simply works without constant supervision. It’s also important when suction materials tend to be larger solids, have high viscosity, or contain heavier entrained materials such as light vegetation or sand.  AN-JET™ is perfect for safely moving oil, chemicals, metal shavings, plastic pellets, suspended slurries, sand slurries, medium density sludge, small organics, small rocks or even live organisms. AN-JET™ excels as a high production placer gold dredge. Ask about our liquid jet rings to aid in liquefying heavy particles.

  • AN-JET™ is highly efficient and adjustable: Our design has been optimized for maximum efficiency over a wide range of flow conditions. The adjustable nature of the special AN-JET™ orifice allows for flow optimization under most conditions. Cost of operation is typically lower than using other prime movers – especially when a motive gas or fluid is readily made or available.

  • AN-JET™ is portable: This portable feature allows for applications where personnel need to respond quickly to serious events such as; flooding, chemical or oil spills. AN-JET™ portability supports hazardous petroleum or chemical pick-up, dewatering or routine maintenance of pools, tanks, sludge and sand pits. AN-JET™ is easily carried and deployed by one person and is typically stored on a Service Truck as an important tool in their maintenance arsenal. Ask about our host of “plug and play” tools.

  • AN-JET™ is extremely safe: Constructed of non-sparking stainless steel, AN-JET™ is perfect for applications where explosive gasses or fluids might be present or needing collection or transport.

  • AN-JET™ can be used as a “vacuum creator:” Effective for use on a vessel, tank or drum: Because of AN-JET™ unique design, it creates a significant partial vacuum - sufficient for fluid and solid pick-up operations, or even degassing a tank or priming a pump.

  • AN-JET™ can be multiplied or “ganged”:  You can put two or more AN-JET™ devices side-by-side (in parallel) or connected end-to-end (in series) to boost overall vacuum and flow performance. 

  • AN-JET™ does not change direction of suction gas or fluid:  Other competitor centerline jet eductors and siphons change the direction of the suction medium 90 degrees.  AN-JET™ requires no special piping design considerations since the flow is single axis. There is no change in direction within the device that would slow down the moving gas or fluid – important when optimum flow counts.  This feature is important when solid concentrations or dams would clog the typical inlet or the device. 

  • No net obstruction to primary flow: Another advantage of AN-JET™ annular jet design is there is no obstruction considering the throat size is sized correctly. Our “open throat design” allows larger  objects to move through the device easily.    


The best equipment is always the simplest equipment...

 that gets the job done right!